Keeping Safe On Linkedin

Linkedin offers a mixture of job opportunities and social media to help you connect with people in the same industry as you. It allows us to somewhat sell ourselves and have the jobs come to us. It also allows us to store our education and job history as if you are anything like me, I... Continue Reading →

Personal Passwords At Work

Although many big companies like Microsoft are trying to eradicate the need for passwords, they are still heavily used to secure our accounts and systems. These accounts and systems can be for personal use or for work......

Enabling Fingerprint Lock In WhatsApp

WhatsApps is already secured from a communication point of view due to end-to-end encryption being enabled by default. What is doesn't enable by default is the privacy lock. This means if someone was to use your phone, they could easily read your messages.......

CtrlAltDel Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in one of my extensions. Please see the following policy per extension: -------------- Phish-Friend -------------- Phish-Friend can help educate you on how to spot Phishing attempts. I created it to help fight the war on Phishing. The extension is designed for personal use. What Data Do We Collect? The Phish-Friend... Continue Reading →

DoH – DNS over HTTPS

Seeing the little padlock next to the URL is starting become the norm when surfing the internet. Site owners are starting to make the effort to implement better security controls in order to secure their site. Even malicious parties are bothering to do......

Finding Access Anywhere Servers Using Certificates

Remote users are a part of every organization and the need to provide external access can be a real problem. For the bigger organizations, they will most likely implement several security controls in order to isolate their users from the rest of the internet. For some, they may want to go for the cheaper option to provide remote access......

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